Hytera iBS3800

IBS3800 is an outdoor integrated base station of the broadband wireless trunking system. It integrates the functions of the complete macro base station BBU, RRU and core network, providing users with highly integrated and easy-to-use system-level communication functions.

Дополнительное описание

Highlights of iBS3800

High Integration

Integrate the functions of the macro base station and the core network. One IBS3800 alone can be easily and quickly deployed as a single LTE communication system.

High capability

Support 1,000 users for a single site and 100 groups for a single cell.

Outstanding Protection

Adopt a fanless cooling design with excellent heat dissipation. IP66 and Anti-Seismic Grade 9 enable IBS3800 to be deployed in a harsh outdoor environment.

Large Capacity

Support 1.4MHz/3MHz/5MHz/10MHz/15MHz/20MHz bandwidth configuration and multiple frequencies.

Superior Performance

Support multi-channel real-time HD video transmission at the same time. For 20 MHz bandwidth configuration, it can achieve a downlink rate of 150 Mbps and an uplink rate of 75 Mbps.

Specifications of iBS3800

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