Hytera CTHS

Consisting of an IP contact center and digital incident handling systems, the Call Taking and Handling System provides the mechanism and tools to unifiedly receive alarm calls at a typical public safety response point, enter and record incidents, and select the appropriate departments to dispatch incidents to. It offers the public a convenient and quick way to seek assistance in the event of an emergency, while at the same time enabling police and other security agencies to receive timely information about incidents and rapid deployment of forces.

Дополнительное описание


Various mechanism for receiving incidents

Short messages. Web/Mobile application.


Automatic receipt of information and presentation of subscribers

Name, landline address, or approximate cell phone location.


Flexible system setup and call processing

Integrated or separate Call Taker and Dispatcher. Single-layer or multi-layer incident dispatch. Transferring incidents to other locations.


The whole tracking and recording process

Time-track and record every step of the entire process, including incident status changes, actions taken, voice calls, etc. Voice recordings can be listened to online.


C/S and B/S Combination

Client/server architecture in the control center to provide rich functionality. Browser/server architecture in branch or police departments for easy deployment.


Comprehensive Supervision

Control who receives calls. Terminate ongoing calls. Keep statistics of calls and incidents.


Locate Incidents on the Map

Integrate with VCS to locate incidents, first responders directly on the map for improved decision-making.

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