Hytera PD985

The PD985 offers an exceptional audio experience through cutting edge noise cancellation technology, while boasting new features including full duplex calls, recording capability via Micro SD, BT 4.0 connections, and single frequency repeater mode to increase coverage.

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Highlights of PD985

Single Frequency Repeater Mode

Based on interference cancellation technology, the PD985 is able to use one slot to receive a signal and the other to transmit it in the same frequency in DMO mode to extend the communication distance.

Superior audio quality

Maximum 2.5 W output speaker and advanced noise cancellation technology ensure clear and loud voice communication.

Full Duplex Call

The PD985 enables frontline personnel to make full-duplex call to other PD985, telephone, or mobile phone.

Bluetooth 4.0

With integrated BT 4.0, the PD985 supports both audio and data transmission such as programming via BT.

Smart Battery

The PD98X supports smart battery, which makes it easier to monitor the battery status, such as battery life time and charging time, reducing charging time dramatically.

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