Hytera HR1065

Based on rich industry experience, customer feedback and technological evolution, Hytera launched a next generation of Ultra-thin DMR Repeater HR1065. The product has a new leap in appearance, performance and background management, with more powerful functions and more convenient configuration management, which can meet your higher requirements for repeater.

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Economical 1U structure

The 1U height of HR1065 makes it compact, reducing space requirements for installation which is quite helpful especially when deploying the repeater in vehicle with limit space such as SUV(Sport Utility Vehicle).


Analog & Digital Auto Switch

HR1065 can support mixed channel mode to detect the receiving signal, then automatically switch between analog and digital mode. This feature offers the compatibility with analog terminals and an easy way to migrate to digital from analog to protect legacy investment of devices.


Cost-effective Network Construction

The enhanced version of HR1065 is integrated with router and SIP gateway features. Less devices and simplified management. It offers a cost-effective solution for your network construction.


Convenient Management

In the enhanced version a web-based back end platform has been designed to simplify repeater management. Configuration can be completed through a web browser, which is ideal for remote management.


AC/DC Auto Switch

HR1065 equipped built-in power adapter support 100-240V AC power supply that reduce the deployment cost and support also the backup battery which connected to DC input port. The repeater can charge the backup batteries during AC power supply works and switch automatically to backup batteries if AC power supply fails to keep repeater un-interrupt. Users don’t have to use UPS power, just install a 12V battery that reduce the cost of investment by 90 percent.


Wide Coverage

The communication range of HR1065 series is extended with enhanced Rx sensitivity. And the Ethernet port enables access to IP networks, which provides the capability for the HR106X to connect everyone and everywhere. Users can connect multiple repeaters through IP interfaces to cover larger areas.

Specifications of HR1065



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