Hytera E-mesh580P

Hytera E-mesh580P is the new-generation broadband wireless ad hoc network (WANET) device, which is designed to quickly establish a reliable network especially when public network is down. It provides wider communication coverage to ensure stable connectivity for public safety, major events, emergency response, field operation, and more.

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Highlights of E-mesh580P


With the software-defined radio (SDR) architecture and exclusive enhancement algorithm, the E-mesh580P has a strong demodulation capability, high sensitivity, and stable transmission link. The throughput of single-hop network is up to 100 Mbps, and the throughput of 8-hop network is greater than 16 Mbps. In clear line of sight, the single-hop network reaches up to 100 km theoretically. As the low power consumption platform and power-saving algorithm extend the battery life, the E-mesh580P can power conventional services for up to 14 hours.

Agile and efficient

Based on the 4G LTE 5G NR technologies, up to 32 E-mesh580P nodes can be deployed to create a wide-coverage peer-to-peer network without a core node. The E-mesh580P helps users identify the best deployment site by automatically detecting the signal strength and emitting a linkage alarm. With the external earpieces connected, the E-mesh580P allows users to make voice group call during deployment for improved work efficiency. The auto routing and manual routing enable the E-mesh580P nodes to be connected in the best way to create an ultra-strong network even in complex environments.


Working in MIMO mode, Conventional mode, or Carrier Aggregation mode, the E-mesh580P has the robust anti-interference capability to face various electromagnetic environments. So it can always perform well anywhere. The E-mesh580P ensures the stability of network links, thanks to automatic frequency selection (AFS) and dynamic frequency hopping (DFH). So wireless network services are always on.

Easy to use

The OLED display, LED indicator, beep alert, and functional keys make it easy for users to finish on-site configuration quickly and know its status intuitively and audibly. Made by state-of-the-art craftsmanship and of composite materials, the lightweight E-mesh580P is perfect for carrying on the move or deployable on the vehicle or airplane quickly.


The E-mesh580P provides open APIs that facilitate the development of third-party applications to meet the customer customized solutions. The E-mesh580P provides a variety of interfaces to ensure greater scalability, such as USB port, Ethernet interface, HDMI, and WLAN/BT antenna connector.


Data security is in our DNA. The E-mesh580P is extremely secure, thanks to the core chipset, authentication, software-hardware encryption, and whitelisting. IP67 rated, the E-mesh580P can stand up to water, dust, or other harsh environments.

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