Hytera E-PRAD(G)

The E-PRAD(G) is a gateway device capable of accessing multiple systems. It also provides a voice link between the GSM network and private network. Thus, the remote devices (GTW-836C or E-pack100) can access the private network by using the GSM network. The accessible private networks include PDT trunking, DMR trunking, MPT trunking, PDT conventional, DMR conventional, and analogue conventional networks.

Дополнительное описание

Highlights of E-PRAD(G)

Easy Access to PMR Network

Wireless and fast access of the ad hoc network to the local trunking/conventional network.

Portable Design

Easy to carry and deploy.

Convenient Version Upgrade

Upgrade the software version of the motherboard quickly with the version update tool.Support for local and remote upgrades.

Specification of E-PRAD(G)


RF characteristics

GSM specifications


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