Hytera PNE380

PNE380, innovated by Hytera, is the mesh radio that provides mission-critical voice, data, video as well, and Al services, which is built to create secure, scalable, and flexible networks, for those out of cellular coverage. As the world’s most miniaturized mesh radio, PNE380 frees up valuable space and weight for extreme portability, configured with multi-band, PNE380 has outstanding anti-jamming ability by auto frequency selection, and supports both mesh and cellular modes, for improved flexibility, and can be widely applied to a variety of mission-critical scenarios. Designed to survive harsh conditions, the PNE380 is your reliable partner you can count on at critical moments.

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Highlights of PNE380

Auto Frequency Selection

The device features superior anti-jamming capability thanks to auto frequency selection between U band and L band.

Flexible Networking

Designed with SDR technology, the device supports both mesh and cellular modes to adapt to a variety of application scenarios.

Superior Performance

Adopting cutting-edge 4G&5G technologies, the device ensures robust radio link and long communication distance with outstanding RF performance.

Rich Functions and Apps

The device offers mission-critical voice, video, and data services and supports AI services and a variety of Android applications.

Light and Portable

Measured 288 g in weight and less than 28 mm in thickness, the device is ultra portable.

Secure, Solid and Reliable

The device supports hardware encryption with TF or SIM card, and is certificated by IP67 and MIL-STD 810 so that it can work in the harshest environments.

Specification of PNE380


Radio specifications


Standard accessories of PNE380

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