Hytera PDC550

The PDC550 is a smart PoC radio which unifies narrowband DMR and broadband LTE. Get the best of both technologies to meet customers’ requirements of versatile voice and data services.

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Highlights of PDC550

Broadband and Narrowband Convergence

Operate the PDC550 on public and private networks, narrowband or broadband. The PDC550 can deliver critical voice communications and versatile data services, such as location and video streaming, to significantly improve collaboration and outcomes.

Open Platform and API

With a highly open platform, the PDC550 allows multiple third-party applications to run on it. Open APIs enables third parties to develop customized applications, such as QR code recognition and license plate recognition.

Purpose-built Design

The 5-inch, multi-touch screen adopts Gorilla Glass 3, making it industrial grade. The screen is easy to use even with gloves, in rainy days, and under strong light.

Born to Be Rugged

IP68 and MIL-STD-810G certified, it is waterproof, dustproof, and drop-proof (1.2-meter).

High-Quality Audio Performance

Adopting AI-powered noise reduction and dual-mic noise reduction technologies, the PNC550 can cancel out noise and pick up your voice even in noisy environment. The built-in 2 W (max. 3 W) speaker achieves exceptionally loud and clear audio.

Specifications of PDC550

Wireless Data Communication



Standard Accessories of PDC550

Optional Accessories of PDC550 PDC550




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