Hytera HyTalk MC

The Hytera HyTalk MC MCS system is a multimedia mission-critical communication solution designed for users in public safety, energy, and transportation. It is fully compliant with the 3GPP mission critical standards including MCPTT, MCData, and MCVideo. The Hytera HyTalk MC MCS system delivers reliable voice and video communication, high-speed data transfer, and multimedia dispatch services for daily operations. It helps enhance connectivity for better collaboration and improved situational awareness.

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Highlights of Hytera HyTalk MC


As a new-generation solution based on 3GPP standards, the Hytera HyTalk MC realizes the fusion of narrowband and broadband, which leads the way to the future of mission-critical communications.


Quality of Service (QoS) of the Hytera HyTalk MC is guaranteed. This ensures that mission-critical users are given the highest priority available all the time.


The Hytera HyTalk MC supports standard AES256 encryption and end-to-end hardware encryption using a customizable algorithm.


Specifications of Hytera HyTalk MC



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