Telecontrol unit TU8B

Telecontrol unit TU8B is designed to work as part of a set of linear equipment and serves to control the executive devices and the implementation of responsible teams.

The safety of the turbo unit to the occurrence of emergency situations is ensured by the implementation of the following principles:

  • transfer of the TU8B block to the protective state in case of detection of failures;
  • signaling about the failures of the block by means of internal and external control
  • disabled state of TU8B block output keys is TU8B protective state

The TU8B block has a two-channel structure with weak connections, diversified programs, internal mutual testing and external control. The modules for switching actuators are implemented using the principle of energy storage and paraphase control of the operation of the switching circuit. Pair block ту8Б with PC is carried out via communication channels RS-485 standard.

Main characteristics:

  • 3 built-in microprocessors;
  • possibility to control up to 8 actuators;
  • the data exchange rate is 115200 baud;
  • under the conditions of electrostatic discharge and nanosecond impulse noise, it does not allow the occurrence of dangerous failures;
  • power and operation indicators are used for easy troubleshooting

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