Pipeline monitoring and diagnostics.

Monitoring of pipelines and communication lines always involves large financial costs for the security infrastructure.
In a classic solution to the issue, such a safety line contains many elements, each of which requires periodic maintenance and monitoring of its operation. At the same time, one fiber in a fiber-optic cable located along a pipeline can replace thousands of sensors.
PAK “Danube” – independently or as part of an integrated system – informs about the approach of heavy equipment to a protected pipeline and allows you to detect taps and unauthorized work. PAK “Danube” is easily integrated into a single video surveillance complex and provides video images from the pipeline section where the alarm was triggered, and also generates an alert via various channels about an alarming event to security officers about a suspicious event.

Due to the fact that the sensitive element is hidden underground, the likelihood of its intentional damage is minimized. The width of the detection zone for a person is several meters. Even before a person comes close to the security object, he will be detected by the system. It is especially worth noting that “Danube” ensures the detection of tunnels.
An additional advantage of the system is the ability to monitor the passage of in-line pigs (cleaning pigs) and flaw detectors in pipelines.

A system for vertical seismic profiling of wells is being created. The sensitive element of the system – the fiber optic cable – does not require maintenance. The average fiber lifespan claimed by manufacturers is more than 25 years, and the Danube system has a service life of more than 10 years. Thanks to the ability to control the system via Ethernet, an operator or dispatcher can remotely monitor the operation of the system.

PAK “Danube” can be integrated into any security system that allows the use of external APIs. Full automation of the system is possible, for example integration with unmanned aerial vehicles. The automatic start of the device will allow you to quickly obtain photo and video images from the scene of the event without additional participation of the dispatcher.



Classification of impacts

  • – oil and gas leak detection
  • – monitoring activity along the pipeline (unauthorized tapping)
  • – determination of the position of the in-line pig
  • – detection of ground movements



Operator window

Detection of events in the controlled area