Security of transport infrastructure facilities.

PJSC Russian Railways is testing the system on several sections of the railway. Tests are carried out to organize traffic on the railway


The most important transport artery of the country, but like all modern transport systems, it is unthinkable without automation control and management systems. The operation of railway infrastructure requires real-time monitoring of train movement and the condition of railway tracks.

PAK “Danube” allows you to register work carried out along railway tracks, measure the speed of trains, and record facts of cargo dragging in the event of emergency situations. In real time, the sensor allows you to: detect defects in wheel sets, stuck brake axle boxes and identify worn wheelsets.
In addition, continuous data analysis helps to identify in advance the degradation or damage to the railway track and detect rockfalls.

The big advantage of the system is its insensitivity to electromagnetic disturbances. The sensor operates trouble-free in conditions of lightning discharges, allows close proximity to power lines, and also guarantees stable operation in conditions of strong electromagnetic disturbances.


Recording acoustic impacts

  • – Damage to the railway track
  • – Monitoring the condition of wheelsets
  • – Train tracking


An example of recording the passage of a trolley: horizontally – time, vertically – distance. In the image you can see the sound of wheelsets.


Communication lines

One of the most common causes of failure of a fiber-optic communication line (FOCL) is a break in the optical cable, which may be caused by accidental damage during work near the cable line or vandalism.
“Danube” allows you to prevent an accident by informing the system operator about unauthorized work near the communication line.