Body-worn camera Hytera

Guard the truth.

Hytera GC550

Hytera GC550 are designed to capture clear photos and videos as objective evidence from the field to the court

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Hytera SC580

This is an intelligent personal 4G video recorder weighing only 158 g, fits comfortably in the hand or attached to employees’ uniforms and is practically invisible throughout the working day

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Hytera VM580D

The VM580D is a new generation of smart, ultra-thin 4G body camera

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Hytera VM690

Hytera VM690 Pro personal video recorder, designed for public safety agencies, records audio and video materials

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Hytera VM750D

Hytera VM750D body camera is designed to capture, store, and upload evidence such as pictures, videos, and audios in the field

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Hytera VM780

The VM780 personal video recorder is designed to capture, store and share video, audio and images from the scene

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