Official Frauscher partner
We are the only official partner of Frauscher Company on the Territory of
Republic of Belarus. The company has long confirmed
its professional status in the production of
Acoustic sensing systems and axle counting
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Acoustic sounding systems and axle counts are provided by Frauscher company. This equipment can be used to control trains and systems, monitor the condition of trains and infrastructure facilities, and protect personnel.

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The Wheel Detection System RSR180-AEB
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The Wheel Detection System RSR123-IMC
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Communication and data transmission systems are represented by the telecommunications equipment of Mikrolink Communications.

This equipment is suitable for both industry solutions and telecom operators.

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Broadband wireless access system standard 802.11 b/g/n/ac
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Multifunction multiplexers
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The system of railway automation includes equipment manufactured by KTC and MPT. This equipment has found wide application in the railway industry.

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Code track contctless transmitter BKPT-B
Code track contctless transmitter BKPT-B is designed to be used as part of railway automation
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Telecontrol unit TU16M
Telecontrol unit TU16M is designed to work as part of a set of line equipment DC “Neman”
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Best Ideas

Reliable Team

The Developed Plan

Professions Equipment

Achieved Result


The guarantee of a successful project in the company Microprocessor Technologies is compliance with generally accepted, sustainable principles, such as: best ideas, reliable team, well-designed plan, professional equipment.

We always strive to satisfy all the requests of our customers, carrying out a project of any complexity on time, adhering to the plan with the highest possible accuracy.

About MPT

"Microprocessor Technologies" LLC was established in 2013. the company is a manufacturer and supplier of rail automation and other devices in the interests of the Belarusian Railways

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Frauscher technologies facilitate the way to information that is necessary for operation, control, and infrastructure protection for system integrators and railway operators.
Wheel track registration systems, axis counters and tracking - all this works on the basis of inductive sensors and the method of distributed acoustic sounding.
Miсrolink Connection Company specializes in own equipment production for such industries as energy, transport, mining, aerospace, oil and gas, as well as equipment for power structures.
Manufacture which is organized in Russia provides production and technical support for more than 200 products.
Activity scope of the Structural and Technical Center is testing, measuring the technical means of railway transport regarding compliance with all traffic safety requirements.
It includes design, development, as well as the production and implementation of automation systems for managing technological processes, based on modern technologies.
PRS company activity is the development of highly efficient and reliable wireless radio communication networks with the possibility of further technical support.
The basis of the network is radio relay equipment, trunking and satellite communication systems, radio access systems and wireless GSM / GPRS / EDGE routers Conel.