Satellite terminals, satellite components

Wide range of customization options for satellite communications solutions.

Satellite terminals

We offer an extensive portfolio of high-performance, customizable satellite terminals and accessories for flight, maritime, fixed and voyage satellites. Customized to your exact specifications and needs Our experience in harsh environments and proven track record of building rugged, reliable satellite terminals ensures your communications needs are met wherever you are.


Satellite component

With a customizable portfolio including everything from LNB, LNA, BUC/SSPA, BDC to 5G interference mitigation solutions, we can design satellite communications networks from the ground up. The products are characterized by high performance and reliability.

Satellite network solution

Satellite network solutions consist of a number of remote terminals of various types and configurations (flight, portable, maritime, fixed), a network operations center (NOC) or hub, and satellite bandwidth. Our consolidated experience and rapid customization capabilities enable us to create customized communication solutions, from design to implementation.

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