Wheel Sensor RSR110

The Wheel Sensor RSR110 is available in two system variants which are Single Wheel Sensor RSR110s and Double Wheel Sensor RSR110d. Thanks to their open analogue interface, both wheel sensors can be easily integrated into the electronics of any system. This enables system integrators to adapt the evaluation of the information perfectly in line with individual requirements.

The RSR110 system variants are highly resistant to electromagnetic interference caused by eddy current brakes or rail currents, for example.

Single Wheel Sensor RSR110s: One sensor system for direction-independent wheel detection.

Double Wheel Sensor RSR110d: Two sensor systems for wheel detection including directional information.

The current signal can be evaluated completely as desired using simple electronics, a PLC or a microcontroller. This reduces the number of hardware components as well as the space requirements and power consumption.

For systems where tailored software integration is not required, the wheel sensor information can be digitised using the Frauscher Wheel Sensor Signal Converter WSC.

Дополнительное описание


  • analogue sensor signal for the evaluation of wheel detection (SIL 0)
  • direction (SIL 0)
  • speed
  • wheel diameter
  • wheel centre


  • Switching and triggering tasks such as hot box and at wheel detection systems
  • lubrication systems, vehicle detection, wagon weighbridges, washing systems, automatic equipment identi cation etc
  • Speed measurement


  • Open analogue interface
  • High availability
  • Very precise information
  • Convenient pluggable cable and rail claw
  • Simple integration

RSR110 Technical Data

RSR110s/RSR110d System architecture

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