FSE – Freely available software interfaces for efficient data exchangeю

Modern systems of railway automation and telemechanics require interfaces with high performance characteristics. To efficiently exchange data between subsystems, Frauscher has developed a special protocol Frauscher Safe Ethernet FSE, which is perfect for system integrators that do not have their own software protocol. This protocol is provided by Frauscher absolutely free of charge, in addition, customers can rely on technical support during the implementation of FSE.

Frauscher Safe Ethernet Functions

  • Communication between two points
  • Transmission of up to 512 bytes of application data
  • Vital transmission in cycles
  • Transmission in both directions


  • A COM-FSE communication board is able to evaluate and transmit data from up to 20 AEB boards
  • Communication via Ethernet using an interlocking
  • Notifications are sent in two directions:
    • Notifications that are sent by COM-FSE communication board from FAdC to the interlocking;
      • Information on the status of the track section;
      • Direction information;
      • I/O data;
    • Notifications that are sent from the interlocking to the COM-FSE communication board Resetting information
  • Max. number of bytes for application data on sender side (Notifications from FAdC to interlocking) = 240 Bytes
    • 20 x track section status information FMA 1 (incl. counter status)
    • 20 x track section status information FMA 2 (incl. counter status)
    • 20 x direction information
    • 20 x I/O data
  • Max. number of bytes for application data on the recipient side (notifications from the interlocking to FAdC) = 40 Bytes
  • Send interval from FAdC to interlocking and vice-versa:
    • Minimum = 100 ms
    • Maximum = 1000 ms

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