Platform N3-OAU

N3-OAU is a series of optical amplifiers of the RAMAN type, designed to increase the length of data transmission over optical communication lines without intermediate amplification and signal regeneration.

Дополнительное описание


N3-OAU effectively amplifies the optical signal and improves the signal-to-noise ratio (OSNR) in long-haul networks.

The N3-OAU distributed amplifier uses the telecommunications fiber itself as the amplification medium.

The use of RAMAN distributed amplifiers in fiber-optic communication lines reduces noise and nonlinear distortion, which makes it possible to use longer fiber sections, higher transmission rates, smaller gaps between channels, and also bring the operating range closer to the zero-dispersion wavelength.

It would be most optimal to use a RAMAN type amplifier in combination with EDFA type amplifiers.

Depending on the model ordered, the gain varies from 6 to 14 dB.



  • – Low Injection Noise Distributed Amplifier
  • – Can operate on both single wavelength and DWDM system
  • – Hot swap power supplies; two units are supported -48VDC, 220VAC, as well as a combination


Technical Specification

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