Router N3-8800

The N3-8800 series are modular aggregation routers for IP/MPLS and MPLS-TP networks with 320G and 2.4T performance.

Дополнительное описание


The following interfaces are available on the series devices: E1, STM-1c, FE/GE, 10G, 25G and 100G.

The line of routers is represented by the 3RU N3-8800-E device, which has 10 slots for line cards, and the 5RU N3-8800-A device, which has 14 slots for installation line cards for organizing various types of services.

The router supports full redundancy of power supplies and control modules.

N3-8800 allows you to build complete solutions for access and aggregation of services such as CE2.0 and MPLS VPN, together with intelligent CPE from N3COM under a single management platform.

Solutions based on the N3-8800 are ideal for organizing services for corporate and institutional networks, 4G/5G core networks, as well as for organizing access to the Internet and cloud networks.< /p>

Support for high-speed interfaces and the IPv4/v6 protocol stack allows you to use solutions based on the N3-8800 now and in the future.


Technical Specification

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