Switch N3-221

Multiservice MPLS-TP switch

Дополнительное описание


The switch has a dual-core architecture for transmitting Ethernet and SDH/PDH traffic.

The N3-221 supports 2x1G SFP and 2xSTM-1/4 SFP uplink channels, built-in PDH multiplexer function, DXC cross-connect matrix and packet matrix for Ethernet and CES data transmission over MPLS-TP networks.

N3-221 supports three service slots, which are used for various modules: Voice (FXS/FXO/E&M), Ethernet (GE/FE), C37.94, 64K, V35/x21, RS232/RS485, etc.

The device provides a smooth transition from PDH and SDH technologies to packet networks.

For mission-critical services, the N3-221 system increases uptime and provides carrier-grade network reliability using MPLS-TP G.8032/G.8031 and G.8131 MPLS-TP security, which provides convergence times of up to 50 ms, as well as security 1+1 channels with hot standby capability. The N3-221 is a cost-effective solution for providing MEF CE2.0 compliant Ethernet services as well as E1 and pseudowire connectivity for 2G/3G/LTE mobile networks with integrated timing and 1588v2 PTP TC.

The device has a dual Ethernet and SDH/PDH switch fabric with support for GFP encapsulation, which allows services to seamlessly migrate from SDH networks to MPLS-TP packet communications.


Technical Specification

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