ML-IPSW | Multifunctional switches

Дополнительное описание

Main characteristics

High performance

  • high switching speed
  • hardware routing, switching on the third level
  • next-generation processor
  • routing table to 32K
  • table MAC-addresses up to 64K
  • SFP ports simultaneous operation at speeds 100/1000 Mbit/s and 10/40 Gbit/s

Reliability and safety

  • limiting the maximum number of MAC-addresses for the port
  • support flexible rules for access control (ACL) to restrict access to certain resources
  • link aggregation feature allows you to expand and redundant connections
  • IEEE 802.1x user authentication
  • automatic recovery of operating capacity
  • technology support stacking ML-VSS
  • RADIUS support


  • port mirroring
  • automatic detection cables
  • management via the console port, Telnet, SSH, SNMP
  • power redundancy
  • automatic configuration reconstitution
  • Remote software update


  • line includes access switches, distribution switches and switches acting as core network with ports 100 Mb/s to 40G
  • a large number of models with different numbers of ports and operating at speeds from 100 Mb/s to 40 Gbit/s allows to choose the optimal solution for specific tasks

Traffic control and broadcast

  • function is to prevent broadcast storms
  • support IEEE 802.1p, 4 controlled queues per port
  • multicast distribution limiting, IGMP snooping
  • restriction of port capacity
  • IEEE 802.3x Flow Control support

Routing protocols

  • support RIP v1 / v2, OSPF v2, BEIGRP, BGPv4
  • support PIM-SM / DM, DVMRP
  • static routing

Industrial Ethernet Switch Series ML-IPSW2516

A series of industrial switches ML-IPSW2516 designed to meet all the necessary requirements to work in the energy sector (MEK61850-3, PRP / HSR / MSTP / RSTP, IEEE 1588, SNTP) transport (IP40) and industrial enterprises of various fields (from -40 to + 85 ° C).
They are able to withstand the extremely high levels of electromagnetic interference and the range of temperatures that have high MTBF and are consistent with industry standards.

The series includes two models:

  • the ML-IPSW2516-4SFP-the IND
  • the ML-IPSW2516-4SFP-the IND-88

  • High performance and flexible configuration
  • Support PRP, HSR (according to IEC62439-3)
  • Support MSTP, RSTP
  • Supports IEEE 1588, SNTP
  • Modbus / UDP / SNMPv1 / v2 / v3 Support
  • Wide operating temperature range of -40 to +85 the C°
  • Fanless operation
  • MTBF> 600,000 hours

Customized specifications


Switches Level 2

Designed for workgroups, medium-sized enterprises and small service providers. Switches in this series can be used as access switches to build gigabit ethernet, and how the distribution layer switches to further connect them access switches

Switches third level

They proved themselves as switches distribution layer and a link between the switches and access routers. Work on the 3rd level and the availability of Gigabit ports to connect to the router helps greatly reduce the load on the router

Switches 10G and 40G

Act as the core of the network in the networks of medium-sized service providers and medium and large offices as well as major providers of aggregation switches. Thanks to the built-in ports 10G and 40G mikrolink switches can be used in distributed networks carrier-class

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