MLink-FM/MLink-STM | Optical PDH / SDH-multiplexers

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Main characteristics


Through the use of ASIC-chips with a high degree of integration, full compatibility of hardware and software, ASON / GMPLS control plane and a special design for easy operation and maintenance, MLink-STM systems enable operators and agency companies to reduce capital and operating expenses

Network topology

The construction of optical fiber communication networks of any topology, “mixed”, “circuit”, “star”, “two-fiber / chetyrehvolokonnoe Ring”, “Ring chain”, “contacting ring”, “intersecting rings”


Support hot 1 + 1 redundancy basic modules, including cross-connect modules and synchronization


MLink-STM16H is a two-domain device capable of operating in both temporal domain multiplexing (TDM), or in batch domain


MLink-STM16/64H – is a multi-hybrid new-generation transmission system


MLink-STM16H, MLink-STM16 / 64H supports simultaneous operation in the domain domain TDM and packet data network PTN, which ensures a smooth transition from TDM domain to PTN with the possibility of on-demand configuration and use of TDM services and packet data services.

This system supports multi-protocol label switching (MPLS), MPLS protocol (MPLS-TP), pass-through emulation pseudowire (PWE3), and Ethernet technology, ATM, WDM, SDH and PDH, that allows you to organize the network “only TDM», « only PTN »or hybrid network.


MLink-STM uses several modifications constructs for installation in a standard 19 “rack:


network control

The control system consists of two software packages for network management: MLink-Manager-STM UNMS and MLink-Manager-STM UNMS LCT. System MLink-Manager-STM UNMS control is usually installed in the center of the network management, where most of the equipment is controlled remotely.

MLink-Manager-STM UNMS LCT management software allows you to perform configuration and maintenance of individual NE and is typically installed on a PC for local access to the equipment.

New opportunities

  • STM-1-64 / 1-10G MPLS-TP
  • TDM / Packet Bridge-based PWE3
  • Universal DXC: TDM / Packet / Hybrid
  • Single CMA for SDH / DWDM / DRRL equipment
  • Primary multiplexer modules
  • Intervals 2,5G / 366 km and 10G / 320 km
  • Reservation priority traffic ASON
  • Overall performance with DRRL / DWDM equipment

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