MLink-Manager | Control and monitoring system

MLink-Manager – Graphical management tool MLink series equipment manufactured Mikrolink connection, as well as devices from other manufacturers.

Дополнительное описание

Main characteristics


MLink-Manager allows you to monitor the status of devices and keep a history database. Poll devices is made through RS-232 and Ethernet. MLink-Manager supports data transfer protocols such as SNMP v1, v2, v3

Functional safety capabilities

The main functionality MLink-Manager for Security include:

  • identification and authentication of users to access;
  • management of user access to objects;
  • security audit.

Data sources

Data sources to gather information about the status of objects are:

  • objects that are monitored by SNMP-request to the embedded agents;
  • objects that send SNMP-traps;
  • objects that are monitored via the ICMP-queries;
  • objects that are monitored by different TCP-probe.

Control Objects


Multifunction multiplexers. Support monitoring via SNMP protocol.

MLink-FM / MLink-STM

Optical PDH / SDH-multiplexers. Provide building trunk optical communication lines PDH levels and from STM-1 to STM-64. Support monitoring via SNMP protocol.


Radio-relay communication systems. Organization provide microwave communication links with a bandwidth of 2 Mbit / s to 2.5 Gb / s in a frequency range of 4 GHz to 86 GHz. Support monitoring via SNMP v2 / v3 protocol.


Multifunction switches / routers support monitoring via SNMPv2 / v3 protocols, Telnet, SSH.


Uninterruptible power supplies ML-UPS. Support monitoring via SNMP protocol.

Equipment party

Support monitoring via SNMP protocol.


The operational monitoring and control

User identification and authentication

Increase operational efficiency

software and hardware systems by automating the processes controlling their generalized state, reducing the time unavailability of equipment and communication channels between them, reducing the time localization of the causes of malfunction of the equipment

Fast access

to programs network monitoring and management, specific to each type of equipment. Security Compliance

Detection and minimization

negative impacts of emergency situations arising in the information and telecommunications infrastructure. Presentation of exploiting personnel complete information about the condition and performance of the equipment

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