MLink-PMX | Multifunction multiplexers

Дополнительное описание

Main characteristics


Flexible primary multiplexer MLink-PMX is intended for use on the technological networks of access nodes, the organization offsets subscribers with a connection to the PSTN and to provide a modern set of communication interfaces and data

High reliability

The modular architecture of fault-tolerant systems, hardware redundancy of all major functions of the multiplexer and cross-backup technology

Wide range of interfaces

Special-purpose and process for departmental networks


For operation in fault tolerant systems introduces several embodiments hardware redundancy and redundancy in information streams level

Support SHDSL.bis

It provides symmetric duplex data transmission at rates of 192 kbit / s to 9.3 Mbit/s

Signal processing


Group feeds

Analog (intercom, conferencing, dispatch communications) and digital (information gathering)

Channel organization

Remote control transceiver radio

Integration into the NGN network

Based on TDM technology over IP (N * 128 channels of 64 kbit/s)


The multifunctional multiplexer MLink-PMX wired network (xDSL technologies) and wireless (Technology IEEE 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac) can be constructed


MLink-PMX made in several versions constructs for installation in a standard 19 “rack:

  • ML-SHELF-6
  • ML-SHELF-3

Network control

It supports universal system network remote monitoring and administration MLink-Manager. MLink-Manager supports SNMP v1 / 2/3 of the protocol, and the use of the server and monitoring agent

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