MLink-G | Radio-relay communication systems frequency range 4-86 GHz

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Main characteristics

Distribution flexibility

MLink-G is easily scalable via software licensing on the bandwidth, enabling significantly lower initial payments and reduce the amount of storage positions. Throughput can be divided in a ratio of 90% -10% or 75% -25% or 50% -50% in uplink / downlink directions, allowing efficient use of resources with asymmetric loads

Fault tolerance

MLink-G supports common standard of protection channels for redundancy, including in heterogeneous deployments. Supported by the standard: G.8032 Ethernet Ring Protection Swiching

Spectral efficiency

In MLink-G system uses high-capacity modulation, allows high spectral efficiency (modulation: 4-1024QAM, QPSK). The small width of the operating frequency band simplifies the creation of a large number of intervals and the radio frequency planning

ODU universal module

It joined both with integrated antennas and a separately mountable (standard) antennas

Synchronous Ethernet

MLink-G transmits synchro Ethernet frames via a wireless channel while maintaining synchronization

Diagnostics channel and equipment

Wide range of diagnostics and radio device status helps track network performance and solve problems

Support for IEEE 1588 v.2

Value v.2 IEEE 1588 standard allows slave devices receive synchronization

Low power consumption

Low consumption – less heat, large temperature range and lifetime of the system only 25 watts per unit

Серия MLink-G




MLink-G allows to organize microwave radio link with a bandwidth of 2 Mbit / s to 2.5 Gb / s in a frequency range of 4 GHz to 80 GHz


IDU unit is configured in several modifications constructs: for installation in a standard 19 “rack:

  • ML-DL-MR
  • ML-SHELF-3

Control system

  • The command line to complete the setup and maintenance
  • SNMP v.2 and SNMP v.3 – setting, monitoring device and the network, traffic shaping>
  • Web-based management interface

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