SL-IPSW | Multi-new generation of routers

Дополнительное описание

Main characteristics

High performance

Series routers uses 64-bit dual-core processors with specialized gigabit switch-chip ASIC and FPGA components


  • Expanding the external interface slots and modules without additional CPU load
  • Work in firewall mode

Low power consumption

  • The hardware of the new generation of the chip consumes a small amount of energy, while providing higher performance
  • Backup and support RPS

Secure access to services

  • Supports selective filtering technology ACL firewall, NAT, VPN, such as IPSec / L2TP / PPTP / GRE and encryption technologies such as AAA, Radius, PAP / CHAP
  • Поддержка GRE

Traffic rules

It supports self-organizing traffic management and service management rules (GBSC), which will help better organize the data and view information about the traffic in real time

Flexible management and maintenance

  • Conveniently manage and monitor the network using co-channel and external management tools, such as Console, Telnet, SSH, and SNMP protocol/li>
  • Automatic recovery of operating capacity


For departmental companies, financial institutions and telecom operators

On routers SL-IPSW users can install a switch module 24 * 100 Mbit / s RJ-45 ports to expand the possibility of a switching device. This will help reduce the cost of building the network by eliminating the classic switches.

To combine medium and small WAN

SL-IPSW series routers are recommended to merge private networks departmental companies, financial institutions and telecom operators. Supported access MSTP, 1 or 2 GE ports can be used to control the local service connection and information office

Virtual private network

SL-IPSW routers support a variety of popular VPN protocols such as IPSec, GRE, L2TP, and PPTP. Cascading VPN can be used for the convenience and security of network access

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