Switch N3-S3028iLF

The N3-S3028i-LF series switches are specially designed for data transmission systems and automatic control systems (ACS) in the industrial field, which places high demands on devices. This series switches can operate stably for a long time in harsh environments.

Дополнительное описание


The N3-S3028i-LF series is equipped with a variety of interface types and uses industry-leading ring network convergence technologies, supports multiple redundancy protocols that allow any interface to form a ring with other devices, and supports ring, hierarchical, overlapping, and more. complex ring network topologies with convergence times of less than 50 ms.

With high reliability, security and manageability, the N3-S3028i-LF series switches ensure the secure transmission of critical data. It also supports remote management and can work with N3VIEW network management system, allowing you to realize comprehensive network management (no blind spots) throughout the entire process.


Technical Specification

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