Switch N3-S5600

The new generation switches of the N3-S5600 series are modular devices with a user-friendly management interface. On devices of this series, 1GE ports are available for client connection, 10GE ports, as well as 40GE (on an expansion module) used as an uplink.

Дополнительное описание


Many configuration options are supported in the field of network security, access control mode, built-in hardware support for IPv6.

The line also includes a model with support for PoE or SFP client ports with power redundancy, which allows the use of these devices in a wide range of scenarios from corporate LAN networks to broadband aggregation in operator networks.

To scale the solution, N3-S5600 series switches support stacking of up to 3 devices via line ports at speeds up to 80G.


Technical Specification

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