Hytera BBU3801

The BBU is a baseband processing unit in a 4G base station, responsible for data encoding, modulation and LTE protocol processing. Based on Hytera’s independent research and development, Hytera LTE BBU features high integration and first-class performance, as well as flexible deployment that meets application requirements in various scenarios.

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Highlights of BBU3801

Universal Platform & Open Architecture

The BBU3801 is based on a universal platform featuring mature supply chain and low cost. It adopts standard interfaces and modular design to facilitate functional expansion and integration of products or accessories from different manufacturers. This promotes the division of labor, and further reduces the development and integration costs of the product.

Deep Fusion of Universal and Dedicated Platforms

The BBU3801 integrates some special CT (Communication Technology) functions such as clock synchronization into a universal server platform. It makes full use of PCIe interfaces to simplify the design. It also meets the special requirements of 4G and 5G base stations for the universal platform to reduce the difficulty of integration and secondary development.

Superior Performance

Thanks to the high-performance, highly-integrated dedicated SoC chip and powerful universal server platform, the BBU3801 can be configured with up to two LBP3800 baseband boards, supporting six 4G cells. One cell supports 400 active users, and one BBU3801 supports up to 2400 active users, equivalent to 4G macro base station specifications.

Good Compatibility with 4G/5G

The BBU3801 adopts a compatible design and supports universal chips of various specifications. Cooperating with various DU baseband boards, the BBU3801 can support 4G, 5G, and 4G+5G dual-mode base stations, achieving smooth upgrade from 4G to 5G.

Specifications of BBU3801

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