Hytera ZCS-HYT65

The ZCS-HYT65 is designed to acquire, store, and manage the digital evidence from the bodycam, charge the bodycam, calibrate the time of the bodycam, and clear the data on the body camera, and more. The 19-inch touchscreen is large and intuitive enough to ease your operations. The fingerprint recognition module enables you to log in to the product just by one touch. The product is widely used in justice, emergency, market supervision, transportation, energy, and more.

Дополнительное описание

Highlights of ZCS-HYT65

Fingerprint recognition

Make login much faster and data more secure.

Unattended mode

Acquire evidence automatically when the BWC is inserted.

19-inch HD touchscreen

Easy to manage audio and video evidence.

Fast acquisition

Acquire evidence simultaneously from 20 BWCs in 50 minutes with the speed over 10 Mbps.

Massive storage

Provide you a storage up to 64TB, as well as cloud storage.

Ergonomic design

Enable you to operate in a comfortable posture with the Kiosk design.

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