Hytera MESS

Smart, efficient, and powerful. You can count on the security guarantee and emergency response for major sports events, festival gatherings, summits, and disaster rescue. Unify your team with security scheme creation, security force dispatch, and video surveillance on a streamlined interface. After the security event finishes as expected, review and assess the event to add new capabilities in future.

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Unified display of various items on one map

– Police forces, police cars and other police portables – Critical infrastructure such as water towers/power plants/chemical plants, schools, churches/mosques, etc. – Risky objects such as lowlands, slopes, rapids and sewers – CCTV camera – Checkpoint – Various sensors such as water, smoke and infrared sensors – Show/hide button for each element layer.


Presentation of comprehensive information on the main page

– Data on key people, such as people entering/exiting a particular region, persons on probation and parole – Police incident data – Map – Video monitoring of key areas on a rotating basis – Deployment of police forces – Weather information, especially typhoons and storms.


Powerful and user-friendly route safety plan design

– Draw the route with the mouse on the map – Set up guide and tail vehicles – Deploy a security post along the route – Enable existing security cameras along the route – Train with simulated GPS data to test the deviation warning – Train to test the security cameras along the route.


Monitoring and allocation of resources during the event

– GPS position check – SMS for notification/pre-warning – Roll call – SMS and call directly to the map – Select resources by circle or rectangular tool selection to perform DGNA.


Multiple warning/monitoring measures for route safety

– Notification of start time, countdown/delay warning – Notification of surrounding resources such as cameras or checkpoints – Warning of approaching dangerous infrastructure such as low land, slope or overpass – SMS for notification/warning – Automatic playback the nearest surveillance cameras along the guide’s route.


2.5D and 3D Map Integration

– Richer geographic and infrastructure information for more accurate decision making and accurate distribution.

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