Hytera MRPS

Collect and store all kinds of data, including audio, videos, messages, and radios’ online/offline information across your dispatch work. Adopting the browser/server architecture, the MRPS allows you to search for recorded data anywhere and anytime with network access. Plus, play back call recordings and view messages online conveniently.

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Store Various Types of Data

Voice calls; video calls, video conferences, and surveillance video; text, status, and multimedia messages; radios’ online or offline information; call recording descriptions, such as call time and call type.


Easy to Query and Play Back

Operate the MRPS in your browser anytime and anywhere with network access; query all recorded data in a unified and streamlined interface; query call recordings by different criteria; play back call recordings and view messages online.


Transcode to WAV Format

Automatically transcode voice recordings from specific format to .wav format before online playback and download.

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