Hytera BD555

Hytera BD555 is outfitted with digital noise-cancellation technology for super audio quality in noisy environments. Its dual timeslots capability improves frequency usage. For those operating on analogue, the power of digital communications is now within reach. The radios let you migrate to digital at your own pace and budget, with simple scalability to add functions and features.

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Highlights of BD555

Robust and Durable

The BD555 is IP54-rated and MIL-STD-810G certified. It is built to operate in server environments, with no fear of water, dust, shock, vibration, extreme temperature, and more.

Compatible with Analog

The BD555 supports both analog and digital modes, allowing migration to digital at your own pace and budget.

Superior audio quality

Adopted digital encoding and correction technology, the BD555 delivers clear and loud audio in environments filled with background noises.

Specifications of BD555



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