Hytera HP705

The HP705 is our new professional digital radio that represents the future in style and function, upgrading digital radio standards to deliver more efficient and reliable communications with loud, clear audio, a powerful battery, remarkable portability and reliability for ease of use in a variety of environments and industries.

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Thinner and Lighter

The improved mechanical design and compact lithium polymer battery were developed specifically for the HP705, so the radio is only 29.5mm thick and weighs 290g.


Louder and Clearer Audio

The HP705 radio has louder, clearer sound thanks to an improved front speaker and AI noise-cancelling technology that reduces unwanted background noise and mic effects. The water-repellent coating also helps water trapped in the speaker cavity escape, resulting in consistent sound clarity.


Longer Battery Life

The standard battery for the HP705 uses the latest in proven lithium polymer technology. The battery is even smaller and lighter and still provides a 5/5/90 duty cycle, while allowing the transmitter to be used in high power mode for an entire 26-hour work shift. A powerful battery ensures you can make calls and provide important information throughout the day.


Enhanced Coverage

The HP705 radio extends the operating range and improves transmission quality in the voice range with a highly sensitive receiver and high power transmitter. At the same time, communication becomes available in those areas where previously it was simply impossible. Significantly expanded coverage improves user security and minimizes network deployment costs.


Higher Level of Ruggedness

The radio has an IP68 degree of protection, is impervious to jets of water and is capable of operating underwater at a depth of 2 meters for 4 hours.


Flexible Wireless Connection

HP705 supports built-in bluetooth 5.0 for wireless connections. The advantage of bluetooth 5.0 is low power consumption, fast transmission, multiple devices and richer data applications such as BT headset, BT Patrol, BT positioning.

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