Hytera HP785

The HP785 is a creative combination of style and function that takes the standard of professional digital two-way radios to the next level, delivering more efficient and reliable performance with loud, clear audio, a powerful battery, an intuitive user interface, and exceptional portability and durability.

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Thinner and lighter device

The improved mechanical design and compact lithium polymer battery were developed specifically for the HP785, so the radio is only 29.5 mm thin and weighs 310 g. With an easy-to-carry and carry design, your employees can concentrate on their mission-critical task as they can no longer pay attention to the size and weight of the device.


Increased intuitiveness and efficiency

The 2.4-inch screen provides a completely new, intuitive interface, making the HP785 more efficient to use. The interface has a quick access menu that allows you to quickly configure the radio station. Messages appear as part of individual conversations, allowing you to quickly read and review them. Interface Switcher has been added as an option for programmable buttons, allowing you to quickly switch between frequently used interfaces (up to 4 interfaces are supported when switching).


Louder and clearer sound

The HP785 radio has louder, clearer sound thanks to an improved front speaker and AI noise-cancelling technology that reduces unwanted background noise and mic effects. The water-repellent coating also helps water trapped in the speaker cavity escape, resulting in consistent sound clarity.


Longer battery life

The standard battery for the HP785 uses the latest in proven lithium polymer technology. The battery is even smaller and lighter and still provides a 5/5/90 duty cycle, while allowing the transmitter to be used in high power mode for an entire 24-hour work shift. A powerful battery ensures you can make calls and provide important information throughout the day.

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