Hytera DS-6210

Hytera DS-6210 DMR Trunking Pro, developed from the ETSI DMR open standard, is an IP-based Digital Trunked System Infrastructure specifically designed to provide mission critical voice, dispatching and management capacity across various geographic areas. With all-IP architecture, centralized networking and modular design, the system delivers high spectrum efficiency, wide coverage, flexible networking, cost effective and high security. It can be deployed for different network scale, from a single-site network to a nationwide network.

Дополнительное описание

Highlights of DS-6210

Carrier Grade Reliability

Combined control mechanism (distributed and centralized). Redundancy mechanism. Fault-tolerant capability.

Versatile Services

Maximized frequency utilization. Instant PTT. Enhanced data capacity. Complete security mechanisms. Open APIs for the third-party development. Interconnection with other networks.

Advanced Design

Blade type design. Tri-diversity receiver. Modular design. Maximum 48 carriers per site.

Specifications of DS-6210

System Performance

BS Specificaition


Supply voltage





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