Hytera DS-6250

It is a highly integrated base station designed with fast deployment and operation simplicity in mind, just power on it to start delivering communications. Quick and flexible to deploy, the device can be mounted indoors or outdoors, providing business or mission critical communications. With Multicarrier and SDR technologies, one base station is expandable to 8 carriers and all frequencies and carrier capacity can be customized. What’s more, it adopts innovative eco-friendly design with low power consumption.

Дополнительное описание

Highlights of DS-6250

All-in-One Design

It integrates base station controller, power supply unit, channel unit and more into a compact structure, with a weight of no more than 26 kg. High reliability. High thermal conductive materials adopted in the blade heat sink design guarantees highly efficient heat dissipation.

Advanced Software Design

Based on multucarrier and software-defined-radio technologies, the base station is easily expandable as needed. Support diversity reception, improving the coverage of the base station.

Flexible Deployment

The base station offers rich installation options to match your communication scenarios: wall-mounted for indoor coverage, pole-mounted for outdoor coverage, vehicle-mounted for emergency situations, and box-mounted for temporary operation.

Eco-friendly Design

The highly integrated components ensure power consumption is less than 408W, combined with the blade heat sink design to guarantee good heat dissipation.

Versatile Functions

Provide mobility management, diversified voice and data services, security management, and fault tolerance capabilities. Support trunking simulcast feature to maximize coverage with minimized frequency resources.

High reliability

IP65 certified, the base station adapts to any challenging environments indoors and outdoors.

Specifications of DS-6250

System Performance

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