Hytera RD625

Hytera RD625 is a 25W dual mode repeater, DMR and analog, with a compact design, built-in duplexer and power supply. Thanks to its innovative design, it can be easily mounted on the wall along with the AC/DC power supply. Support for the DMR standard and analog mode allows you to transmit voice and data, smoothly and economically switch to digital mode. By connecting over IP, multiple repeaters can provide broad coverage inside and outside large buildings.

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Highlights of RD625

Multiple connections via IP protocol

The RD625 supports network connectivity via an IP repeater port to create a private radio network and transmit voice and data over wide coverage and dispersed areas.

Digital audio streaming over two timeslots

The RD625 supports streaming across two voice slots via the rear port auxiliary pins, allowing for future expansion capabilities.

Analog/digital operating mode

RD625 supports analog and digital operating modes.

Analog scanning

The RD625 supports analog voice and signal scanning, allowing you to relay users of different analog voice devices from different groups.

Repeater Diagnostics and Control (RDAC)

The RD625 is capable of establishing remote IP connections to monitor, diagnose and control repeater operation, increasing service efficiency. Hytera’s RDAC technology is capable of supporting multiple master network connections so that a radio network administrator can monitor multiple radio networks at once.

Automatic switching between DC and DC power sources alternating current

RD625 has a built-in power supply that allows for trickle charging battery The repeater can operate from a DC source of 13.6V±15% and an AC source of 90-264V. When the AC source is turned off, the device automatically switches to the DC source (battery) without interruption.

Back-to-back analog-to-digital interfacing

The RD625 supports multiple analog and digital modes for interoperability via voice switching, allowing analog devices to communicate with digital devices and vice versa. This ensures a smooth transition from analog devices to the world of digital communications.

Decoding multiple CTCSS/CDCSS codes

The RD625 supports decoding of up to 16 CDCSS/CTCSS codes on analog channels, providing coverage for analog voice devices from different groups.

Interaction between analog and digital devices

The RD625 supports simplex voice communications between radios and the telephone network, allowing radios to call telephones and make group or personal calls to radios from the telephone network. This feature uses commercial (COTS) analog telephone patch panels as well as a regular analog telephone line (POTS) to connect the repeater to a private branch exchange (PBX) or public switched telephone network (PSTN).

Automatic switching between analogue and digital modes

The RD625 supports automatic switching between analog and digital channels, allowing you to efficiently share frequency between analog and digital devices, easily switching to digital communications.

Compact all-in-one design

Thanks to its compact design with built-in radio, power supply and duplexer all in one housing, the RD625 repeater is even smaller, lighter, easy to wall mount and provides interior coverage.

Repeater Access Control

RD625 supports access control function, which provides protection against unauthorized access to the radio network.

Specifications of RD625


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