Hytera XPT

The Hytera Extended Pseudo Trunk (XPT) is a distributed trunking system without central system controller node. Based on Pseudo Trunk technology and digital trunking system, it is a cost-effective and scalable solution to increase the capacity of the DMR radio network.

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Highlights of XPT

Cost-effective System

The conventional system can be upgraded to XPT system through software, protecting the existing investments.

Large Capacity

Each XPT single-site system supports up to 8 voice repeaters and 8 data repeaters, Each XPT single-site system supports up to 1200 radios and 245 groups for communication, One XPT multi-sites system supports up to 16 single sites.

Strong Fault-tolerant Capability

XPT system automatically detects failures and takes measures to minimize the influences, ensuring proper repeater services in fault tolerance mode.

No Control Channel

In contrast to the classic trunked radio, Hytera XPT system does not use any control channels. All available radio channels are utilized for the communication.

Call Control

The XPT system adopts the “Request and Permit” mechanism to allocate channels. The radio transmits or receives services only after the data handshake is successful. This avoids call conflict and prevents interference from a radio with strong signal.

Advanced Load Balancing

The XPT system allocates different groups to different home repeaters, which minimizes call conflicts on the same repeater and improves success rate of call setup.

Specifications of XPT

System Performance

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