Viper-SC Series

Viper-SC 100/200/400 devices are secure IP routers with a wide range of interfaces and additional functions, developed and manufactured by NextGen RF Design. They are designed to create secure mobile and stationary technological radio networks for data exchange using the IP protocol.

Viper-SC 100/200/400 allows you to build technological radio networks of various sizes and configurations with a continuous coverage area in the VHF and UHF bands. The Viper-SC 100/200/400 can be configured to operate as a router or bridge and function as a conventional radio modem or repeater operating on the “receive-remember-transmit” principle.

Дополнительное описание

Highlights of Viper-SC


Creation of narrow-band secure stationary technological radio data exchange networks of a new generation with increased throughput, operating using the IP protocol and allowing the implementation of promising switching schemes with increased reliability and fault tolerance. Data protection is ensured by using AES128 encryption.


Viper-SC 100/200/400 devices have a built-in Web server that provides convenient software configuration of basic parameters (including RF grid spacing, data rate and output power). Firmware updates can be performed remotely over the air.


Viper-SC 100/200/400 devices allow you to connect external control controllers and computers via Ethernet and RS-232 interfaces (information port and port for configuration and diagnostics).


Radio networks on Viper-SC 100/200/400 equipment are an ideal solution for building telemechanics control systems at distributed gas and oil products transportation facilities, data collection and control in the electric power industry and mining industry enterprises, complex automated control systems for technological processes for various purposes, including those operating in hazardous areas. production, as well as for monitoring and dispatch control systems for moving objects.

Specification of Viper-SC

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