Multiband Radio

  • – Advanced SDR architecture
  • – Dual-channel design, with multi-waveform, multiple application scenario capability
  • – 8 Mbps wideband data and 1080P video transmission
  • – Reliable communication with strong Anti-interference and advanced encryption ability

Дополнительное описание

Highlights of Multiband Radio


Five types of waveforms, CRN/PRN/LINK/TCN1/WGN2.

Dual-channel ability

As a tactical relay node, MNR220 accesses two different communication networks simultaneously: as a tactical repeater, it connects two networks and extend communication distance.

Strong anti-interference

Up to 2,000 hops/s FH rate and FCS function to automatically select least interfered preset channels to ensure communication.

Minimum Essential Communication (ITEC)

Increasing communication distance by 30%.

Support satellite communication

Integrate domestic satellite to realize VHF-SATCOM dual networks intercommunication.

Specification of Multiband Radio

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