VHF Radio System

  • – Advanced SDR architecture
  • – Multi-waveforms, multi-function, strong anti-interference, ad-hoc network
  • – Up to 48kbps for data, short message and image transmission
  • – Compact design, easy to use and operation, and flexible networking

Дополнительное описание

Highlights of VHF Radio System


Four types of waveforms, CNR /VRN /PRN/LINK.

Flexible networking

Ad-hoc technology in VRN and PRN mode improves voice and data communication distance by 3-5 times.

Strong anti-interference

1,000 hops/s FH rate to ensure communication when 70% working frequency is interfered.

Minimum Essential Communication(MEC)

Increasing communication distance by 30%.

Specification of VHF Radio System

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