Wheel Detection System RSR123-AEB

The Wheel Detection System RSR123-AEB is commonly used in the area of level crossings. A special feature is the flexible software interface, which can be extended by a hardware interface.


  • Highly resistant against electromagnetic interference
  • Convenient plug-in connection and rail claw
  • Flexible software interface, optocoupler or relay contacts

Дополнительное описание


  • Wheel detection (SIL 4)
  • Direction (SIL 4)
  • Numbers of axles
  • Diagnostic data


  • Track vacancy detection
  • Level crossing protection
  • Switching tasks


  • Highly resistant to electromagnetic interferences
  • Convenient plug-in connection and rail claw
  • Software interface, optocoupler or relay

Based on the patented V.Mix Technology, the RSR123 combines different inductive sensing methods making it highly resistant to electromagnetic interferences caused by eddy current brakes or rail currents.

The AEB evaluation board in combination with COM communication board has a flexible software interface. This can be adapted to custo- mer-specific systems and can be extended by a hardware interface.

RSR123-AEB Technical Data

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