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Frauscher Sensor Technology facilitates the way to information for operators and system integrators that is necessary to run, monitor and protect their operational network. Frauscher offers best-in-class wheel detection systems and axle counters:

Wheel Sensors:

Many years of worldwide experience have enabled Frauscher to develop wheel sensors that are characterised by maximum availability. Even when subjected to extreme temperatures, vibrations and electromagnetic interference, Frauscher wheel sensors generate reliable data for both vital and non-vital applications. The patented rail claws and the plug-in connection available on some models also facilitate significantly faster mounting of Frauscher wheel sensors.

Axle Counters:

With a portfolio of four axle counters, Frauscher offers its customers around the globe optimal solutions for their functional, operational and infrastructural requirements. Frauscher axle counters provide a wide range of information that goes beyond just train detection. Thanks to state-of-the-art software interfaces, Frauscher solutions can simply be integrated into any infrastructure at various levels. Connection to high-performance electronic interlockings is possible both via customer-specific protocols and via the freely available Frauscher Safe Ethernet FSE. At the same time, Frauscher axle counters can be integrated into interlockings and signalling systems via common hardware interfaces such as relays. All Frauscher axle counting solutions are modular and scalable. Both system integrators and operators can configure, commission, maintain and adapt them quickly and easily.

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