STC Company – Structural and Technical Center

Activity scope of the Structural and Technical Center is testing, measuring the technical means of railway transport regarding compliance with all traffic safety requirements. It includes design, development, as well as the production and implementation of automation systems for managing technological processes, based on modern technologies.

In order to increase the efficiency of the transportation process, the center systematically introduces the latest technical equipment, advanced technologies, innovative ideas, and it’s subsequent develops and maintains.

The Design and Technical Center has a long-term and at the same time successful experience in the design, implementation and maintenance of personal railway and telemechanic automated systems. The experience is based on the latest achievements in the field of information technology and microelectronics. It was possible to demonstrate the experience both on the expanses of the Belarusian railway, and on the railways of the near abroad.

A distinctive feature in the development of CTC systems is the well-thought-out close connection of individual autonomous elements, which allows achieving maximum high efficiency in automation, which systems of other developers can not achieve. th course.

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